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Frequently Asked

Immediately after we receive your request, one of our bikers who is closest to you gets it, and calls you.

Usually within 10 minutes, he should be at your pick-up point, otherwise, he will tell you over the confirmation call/

Yes, we would send you a DM anytime you qualify. It could be a free ride or a great discount on your rides.

Just give us a call, sms, or email. And that would be all.

You pay to the biker upon drop down.

We are different. Our bikers are excutive, and very formal. Moreso, there is a helmet available for you for your safety, and some great rewards for you as you use our service more and more.

Not yet, what we have here is a web app. Just add it to your homescreen, and that should save you some time having to open a web browser.
If you have not received an “add to home” prompt earlier to do so, click the options icon on your browser. You should see add to homescreen or install app among the options. Click on that, and Aflaomarket will be installed on your phone just like an app would.