Frequently Asked

Shopping from any store in town
1. Select “choose a store” from the homepage
2. Select a store from the available ones
3. Browse products, buy, and check out

Ordering food
1. Select “order food” from the homepage
2. Choose among: Ordering from local joints, restaurants, night indomie orders, and more.
3. View menu, select your food, provide delivery address, and phone number, and then hit the “place order” button.

Immediately after we receive your order, we call you to confirm it, and then dispatch a rider to quickly get to the vendor, pick the item, and have it delivered to you.

Between 15 minutes to 1 hour, your order will be delivered. But the vendor(usually a restaurant) may fail to ready the item in time. And in such a case, our delivery agent will call to tell you, and if you can’t wait, you may simply have the order cancelled.

Yes, we would send you a DM anytime you qualify. It could be a free delivery or a discount on an order.

Just give us a call, sms, or email. And that would be all.

You pay to the delivery agent right upon delivery by cash or mobile money.

Then you miss out on the wide selection of vendors we have, and amazing deals we stand to offer you such as free delivery, and even footing part of the bill of the order for you.
We are also much faster in delivery, and the cost is the same or at times even less compared to having to go out yourself to go pick the item.

Not yet, and so we ensured our website feels much more like an app. Just add it to your homescreen, and that should save you some time having to open a web browser.
To do so, click the options icon on your browser. You should see add to homescreen or install app among the options. Click on that, and Aflaomarket will be installed on your phone just like an app would.

Our customer convenience service

WhatsApp Chat
 Phone call

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Our Corporate Office Address

Doctutu Group Ltd
P.O.Box FL74, Aflao
Volta Region-Ghana