Our idea

We have a really simple idea, put all stores in various communities into one digital platform. So a buyer doesn’t need to hop from store to store to buy. Buying becomes a matter of a few key ins, scrolls and clicks__ very convenient. In future, we hope to come to have so much stores that a buyer could easily know if an item is available on sale at his or her community or not. There be no need to roam stores and not find what you wanted. Stay wherever you are, go online, and just search the item, or if you have a store in mind, select that store from the store list and get on with order.

We also want to ensure that the delivery happens so quick that a buyer feels he himself has gone out to buy the item. If a buyer takes 30 minutes to go buying something, we want to deliver either a few minutes less or not more than that 30 minutes he uses. We have a really efficient and fast delivery system.

And what benefits there is to the selling store? You are listed online, you are presented to a larger buyer base. Most definitely, there will be increase in sales, even physically at your store because people see you online often.