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We would call you at within the next 5 minutes for more details about your rental request, and then we would dispatch our courier service personnel to get the item(s) delivered to you at

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Frequently Asked

Immediately after we receive your request, we would call you to get some more information. And once concluded, we would dispatch our courier personnel to get the item(s) to you.

Right at the time you would want it.

Once we bring the item(s), we would accept payment.

Normally, we would call you ourselves once your time has elapsed so we come pick the items. If you don’t get a call from us, you could reach out to us via call, whatsapp or email.

Very convenient. Just a few taps and scrolls, and what you want to rent is at your door.

Not yet, what we have here is a web app. Just add it to your homescreen, and that should save you some time having to open a web browser.
If you have not received an “add to home” prompt earlier to do so, click the options icon on your browser. You should see add to homescreen or install app among the options. Click on that, and Aflaomarket will be installed on your phone just like an app would.

Yes, we would send you a DM anytime you qualify. It could be a free delivery or some great discount offers.

Just give us a call, sms, or email. And that would be all.