Store listing

The rapid growth of the internet has ushered in a need for convenience. Customers want to be served more convenietly, and that includes not having to come to the store to buy. One can just stay at his comfort zone, make the purchase online, and a delivery be made to him. And this is excatly where Aflaomarket comes in.
We list your store here, expose it to the rest of the world, and people both in and out of Aflao can buy from you at any time, and the better news is, we handle the delivery on your behalf too.Facebook, Whatsap and other platforms also enable you to sell online, but you have to handle a bunch of stuffs including delivery. But with us, you simply list and go about other things. Anytime there is an order, a rep of us will give you a call, and then dispatch a delivery agent to come get the item for a delivery to the customer.
So how do you list?

  1. Complete the store listing form

  2. We would call to confirm submission, and schedule a date to come inspect your store, take pictures of all you sell, learn their prices and then create a shop page for you on our website with your store name.

  3. Anytime there is an order, we will notify you, and then dispatch a delivery agent for a pick up and delivery to the customer.


Payment: If the customer opts to pay before delivery, then our delivery agent will pay you up front before picking the item. If the customer opts to pay on delivery, then our delivery agent will pick the item, deliver it to the customer, accept payment on your behalf, and then remit it to you. Remittance is made to you within an hour of receiving payment from the customer.

Returns: We allow our customers to return non-perishable goods instantly when they realise it is not exactly what they ordered, and in such a case, the item will be returned to you. If the delivery agent pays you before pick up, you would have to revert the money, but if he didn’t, then yours is to accept the returned item.

Commission and charges: Aflaomarket takes a 2% commission on all sales made for you through the website. Sales of GH₵100 results in a commission of GH₵2 for Aflaomarket.Aside the commissions, there are no extra charges or listing fees.

Management of Inventory: Aflaomarket do not allow sellers to update their own inventory in line with our mission which is to provide total convenience to both the buyer and the seller. A rep at Aflaomarket is therefore assigned to you to handle all those for you, so any time you have a new product, you just forward it via whatever means appropriate between you and the rep, and he will take care of the inventory for you….and at no extra cost.

Customer service: A listing on Aflaomarket means you grant Aflaomarket the right to handle customer service on your behalf. Questions on the product, however, that Aflaomarket could not respond to will be referred to you, or at times, your contact number will be disclosed to the customer to get in touch with you directly.