Terms and conditions

Please, carefully read the terms and conditions below before placing any order or requesting any service on https://aflaomarket.store. By visiting our website, and placing an order or requesting any of our services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Introducing Aflaomarket

Aflaomarket is a web platform owned and operated wholly by Doctutu Group Ltd. By using this platform, one can live very conveniently in the Aflao township or any of the towns we deliver to.


By placing an order through our website, be it food order, or purchase of an item from any store, you enter into agreement with Aflaomarket with respect to the processing of that order and forwarding it to the partnering restaurant or store. If you are paying online or through any other means offline__mtn momo, direct bank transfer etc., Aflaomarket is responsible for any returns or refunds. However, the partnering business remains responsible for the preparation, and packaging of your order. We only handle the pick up and delivery to you. You also agree to provide us with true details about yourself which we shall use to get the order delivered to you.You also warrant that any order you place is legit, and not prank, and that you have the money available to pay for that order, including the delivery charges. Doctutu Group Ltd shall take legal action against you for prank orders.

Requesting Service

If you request artisanal service on our website, Aflaomarket is responsible for receing that request, calling you to confirm your request, and then linking you with an artisan in the selected field of service. The artisan is obliged to attend to you within 1 hour after your request is confirmed. But, there may be delays for certain justifiable reasons and for that, Aflaomarket shally duly notify you. You are responsible for all bargains with the artisan on his worksmanship, and the worksmanship is paid to the artisan only after he has completed the work for you. Aflaomarket will not be held liable if an artisan takes money from you without completing the work. Pay him only after he has finished the work for you. Aflaomarket shall also contact you for quality evaluation of the work done.

Market Shopping

When you use the market shopping service of Aflaomarket, be rest assured, Aflaomarket shall ensure all the items shopped for you from the market are quality, and safe for consumption if it be foodstuffs. Our market shoppers consider all safety and healthy precautions whilst shopping the items for you. Also note that the items shopped for you are not returnable. And you would be required to pay before delivery.

Hotel Booking

You do not pay for a hotel booking on our website. All payments are made to the hotel according to the hotel’s own policies regards reservations. And they(the hotel) shall to call confirm your booking, not Aflaomarket.

Property purchase or rentals

Aflaomarket ensures that all listed properties are really up for sale or rent before listing them on the website. We really do our due checks before any listing in order to prevent our website being used as a medium for fraud. On your part, please note that when you see any property you like, you are not contacting Aflaomarket. You contact the owners of said properties or agents representing them through the contact details provided. Aflaomarket is not involved in any other procedure aside listing the property on the website. Report to us, however, if you suspect anything dubious, and we shall legally come in to protect your interest.

Ride Hailing

All bikers that come to pick you upon a ride hailing request on our website are those we have screened throroughly, and trust that they could ride you safely to your destination. The biker is the one to quote you the fair for your ride, and you may bargain if the price seems too high for you. You are free to let him go, if you both can’t reach a good bargain.

Job listings

Companies post jobs to our website. But we too, from due surveillance exercises around town do. You contact the employers directly when you call any number on a particular job listing. Aflaomarket is not involved in the recruitment process.

Convenient Healthcare Delivery

Once you upload your medical prescriptions, or list out your medications, we head to the selected pharmacy to get them for you. Medications ordered are not returnable.