Terms and conditions of listing.

Here are key facts you must know before filling and submiting the store listing form.

  1. Aflaomarket takes a 2% commission on all sales made for you through the website. Sales of GH₵100 results in a commission of GH₵2 for Aflaomarket.
  2. Anytime there is an order for you, a picker at Aflaomarket heads to your store to pick the item, and then deliver it to the customer, and receive payment on your behalf. The payment is afterwards, usually within the first hour of receiving it from the customer, remitted to you in cash or mtn mobile money. Please, note, Aflaomarket’s 2% commissions are deducted before remmitance is made to you.
  3. After submitting the store listing form, a rep at Aflaomarket shall come to your shop, and take pictures of all items you sell, and then have it uploaded on the site in your shop page which shall bare the name of your store. Ensure to give him all details about the product and their prices as Aflaomarket will not add any additional charge on prices you give or add to the details you give. Whatever details you provide is featured on the product as such.
  4. Aflaomarket do not allow sellers to update their own inventroy in line with our mission which is to provide total convenience to both the buyer and the seller. A rep at Aflaomarket is therefore assigned to you to handle all those for you, so any time you have a new product, you just forward it via whatever means appropriate between you and the rep, and he will take care of the inventory for you….and at no extra cost.
  5. A listing on Aflaomarket means you grant Aflaomarket the chance to handle customer service on your behalf. Questions on the product, however, that Aflaomarket could not respond to will be referred to you, or at times, your contact number will be disclosed to the customer to get in touch with you.

The above are just the key facts you are required to understand before filling and submitting the store listing form. The broader terms and conditions shall be given to you in hard copy when a rep of Aflaomarket contacts you. Click here to complete the form.